Every girl dreams of being a Princess.  Shouldn’t every girl be treated like one? The Princess Organization seeks to make this dream a reality for attendees.  There are protocols that should be acquired and developed to be a Princess.  This is what we do!

The Princess Organization was officially started in September 2005 to promote sexual abstinence until the appropriate time.  The organization is for girls from 5 – 17. The purpose of starting at such a young age is because it is easier to make positive impacts in these precious little lives.  They are like sponges and the earlier they can understand the importance of practicing sexual discipline, the better.

In addition to this, the organization encourages members to develop themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually so that from a young age they can understand their worth and that they have a valuable contribution to make to society, their country at large, so they can be motivated to achieve greatness and be less likely to participate in sexual intercourse too early. So far we have had access to more than 1,200 plus young ladies with this message.

The organization offers 6 week sessions which concentrates on various topics each week like, what it means to be a lady, what it means to be a princess, the conduct and characteristics of being a princess, taking care of your body, the purpose of marriage and sex, how to stay sex free, etiquette, house cleaning tips and more.

Our mission is to encourage girls to stay sex free until they are married.  This will produce stronger families, thus creating stronger communities. It is a non-profit mentoring organization that reaches out to all the primary and high schools in Grand Bahama.  Over the years, we have consistently been involved in Hugh Campbell, Freeport Primary, Maurice Moore, Sir Jack Hayward Junior, Sister Mary Patricia Russell, Eight Mile Rock High and St. George’s High. Throughout the club’s existence, sessions have been conducted for the Family Life Classes at these institutions as well.

The Princess Organization is about:

  1. “Transforming girls into ladies,” and helping parents with this important transition in the lives of their daughters.
  2. To motivate and encourage young ladies to pursue and be their best selves.
  3. To be individuals that stand against peer pressure in the area of sex and to be the ones that set the standard instead of falling into the norm or becoming a statistic.
  4. To help young ladies develop a healthy understanding of sexual intimacy.
  5. To encourage and promote positive self-image.

If we do not know who we are, we will spend all of our lives living below our full potential.  There is greatness on the inside of everyone and a destiny to fulfill.  How one sees herself is the beginning of that journey.

Teens are always dealing with challenges of peer pressure, self-esteem, addictions and parenting issues.  In this group, teens are free to express themselves, find answers and hope to everyday situations.  They leave motivated and energized to face everyday with courage and the knowledge to make right decisions.

Teen Princess

Princesses enjoy the fun activities we have during club meetings.  From baking, to water balloon throws, to sewing, and etiquette classes.    There is never a dull moment.

Having Fun